Max Zuleta as
This is Zice. Team member Max Zuleta turns into Zice when you put him in the cold. Come see Zice and the rest of our team while we attempt to set world records for the longest ice bar and largest ice luge in Fairbanks at the 2011 BP World Ice Art Championships!

At the start of March, our team of world class ice sculptors will be attempting to create the world’s longest ice bar and the world’s largest drink luge from massive natural ice blocks in Fairbanks, Alaska during the World Ice Art Championships! Right now we’re getting ready for our big trip to Fairbanks, but you can see what we’re preparing to do, the challenges we’ll be facing, and just how big a project setting a world record (or two!) really is. Please take a look around at our plans, see pix of some our previous ice sculptures, or contact us if you have a special interest in our project. Thanks for checking us out and please follow us on Facebook!

Ice Park Map
Take a look at the map of the Ice Park to see where we'll be building our immense ice bar and amazing ice luge!